After the End

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Considering the preparation of the whole game, because enough exercise to go through the air levels indicated by the need to go very well, the wonderful return to the old world, the adventure was in the beginning for different periods and son on the secret and father of the same trip was opened in space, But father and son are two adventurers together, but the player in the middle of the two people, the benefit of unraveling the difference remains to take secrets and finally father and son Are required to meet a common goal.
Very simple virtual rockers can control the player’s operating model in the lower-left corner movement, and while in the lower right corner click on the upper left corner to complete the full player list or interactive objects, clicking game where you want the players to go, or self. Switch between the symbols to see exclamation game players on the screen, but not to say all.
The inside game music player can move more freely about the trend uses a 3D screen design and performance is also a very important part of the game, because many of the institutions and hidden treasures in the corner is also an important game feature, the music touches a person’s heart. Ability to meet the crisis.
The difficulty of the game is still massive, and some small streets and more institutions must think, draw players through a few times, before converting between two characters, then in some parts the player will draw, and in some places will give you some tips and control the player and changes only accordingly. Changes the time of the environmental view. The quality of the game is also very satisfying.

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