A.L.B. download apk

A.L.B. download apk

Are you the type of person who conforms to whatever unfolds before you?
Or do you like to actively change the situation?

A Little Bird is a puzzle game about conformity and change.

The princess, who has decided to take over her father’s kingdom as its ruler, has her destiny in your hands.

Will she be a feared, powerful queen? Or will she be a bohemian who freely roams around the forest? You will be the only one who can answer that.

But be alert. Every decision you make comes with consequences.

ALB offers 20 different types of puzzles along with beautiful illustrations.

Solve the puzzles and complete the princess’s fairy tale books through dialogues with the main characters.



● Simply swipe to enjoy the game.
● Solve 20 different puzzles, each composed of five chapters.
● Observe how the princess changes through five choices.
● The extended version of ALB will be released in March 2020.


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