Adalet Namluda 2 free download

Adalet Namluda 2 free download

Adalet Namluda 2 – continuation of the first/third person shooter. The sequel received improved graphics, new weapons, ammunition and camouflage, a set of missions and everything else that will please all those who prefer dynamic firefights. At the same time, players will be able to control not only the main character, but also operate with their battle companions. A very useful property given the scale of the maps and the number of opponents. Gamers will take part in a military operation to secure the borders of the state and demonstrate strength and determination in achieving the tasks set by the command.

This is a demo version of the Adalet Namluda 2 for you to try before buying the full version.

After all the requests from first game, we updated the entire system by desired features and made an entire new game. Graphical and gameplay improvements are made and 90 new missions added to the game.

Adalet Namluda 2 includes:
– Real operation grounds with realistic architecture
– 90 missions supported with cinematics
– 10 real weapons used by TSK Inventory
– Cinematics that support the gameplay with Otokar Cobra TTZA, Atak Helicopter, F16
– 4 different units that can be customized each seperated from the others
Jandarma Özel Harekat (JÖH) – Polis Özel Harekat (PÖH) – Mavi Bereli Komando – Bordo Bereli Komando



– Dynamic Inventory System
-2 different classes can be played as Assault and Sniper


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