Blade&Soul Revolution

Blade&Soul Revolution

▣ Game Introduction ▣
The Ultimate MMORPG, Play The Revolution!
Blade & Soul Revolution’s first major update – the arrival of the new Summoner Class!

■▶The First Major Update, the new Summoner Class!

1. The most popular Summoner Class has arrived.
Take this chance to experience the Summoner Class teaming up with their summoned Familiars
to dominate the enemy and revive dead party members!

2. Battle on to determine the strongest Clan in the Occupation Battle!
Utilize various strategies with your fellow Clan members to conquer territories and increase Clan Honor!

3. New Server Open
Enjoy a variety of special benefits in the new servers!
Begin your adventure in the new server right now!
※ Only available during the event period.

■▶ Skill combinations that feel like a fighting game.

Each class has special skills with their own combinations.
Joint-Attack lets you deliver powerful blows with your teammates.
Move while you use your skills.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off the action-packed battle.

■▶ All players can join the Open Field Faction War.

A strategic battle between Cerulean and Crimson
War in a massive scale played out in real time in an open field.

Join the Faction War with up to 500 players for each server!

■▶ A true community MMORPG.

Create your story by working together, and sometimes even fight against one another.
Join a clan help out your faction as a clan!

The community awaits you!



■▶ A cinematic story

Watch the tale of revenge play out before your eyes, following the original story.
Over 150 high-quality cinematics

Your path of vengeance against Jinsoyun, your master’s murderer, begins.


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