Burst Camera apk download


With “Lightning Camera” everyone can easily take photos of thunderbolts, lightnings and other unpredictable scenes. This lightweight camera (<2MB) is the ultimate tool for every hobby photographer or storm hunter.
“Lightning Camera” is absolutely free of ads and charge.

Ring-Buffer burst shots make it possible
+ the app stores up to 100 images of the last ~5 seconds continuously
+ Therefore you can hit the shutter after the strike and then choose which pictures you’d like to save permanently
+ the typical camera preview frame rate is 30 pictures per seconds, which is fast enough to get good and clear images of thunderbolts
+ also great to capture images of other unpredictable scenes, like smiling children or sports action scenes

Additional Camera Options
+ you can change the size of the image buffer -> especially useful for devices with low memory specs
+ disable the continuous camera focus if it results in blurry photos on your device
+ change the exposure compensation to make your shots brighter or darker



Share your catches as photo or GIF animation
+ next to the capture button you’ll get a button to a gallery to view your saved lightning shots
+ there you can select several shots (long touch) and create a GIF animation out of them
+ share your best catches either as photos or as GIF animations with your friends via any messenger app



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