Burst Camera apk download

Burst Camera apk download

GonnyCam is a burst mode camera app that lets you take photos at up to 1920 x 1080 (2 Megapixel) resolution in burst mode! UPDATE: GonnyCam now supports the Camera2 API on selected devices (e.g. Nexus5,5X,6, Android 5.1.1+), allowing continuous burst shooting in up to 8 Megapixels!

Doubtful? Install GonnyCam and give it a try, it’s free!

Please note that not all phones support 2 megapixel or higher continuous shooting. However you can still shoot in 1 megapixel resolution!

Turn on “Use Android Camera2” in the settings to access Camera2 features.


– High frame rate: up to 30 frames per second on high end devices! Most phones that meet that minimum specs required can achieve rates of at least 10-12 frames per second at 2 megapixels, and even faster at lower resolutions
– Long bursts, limited only by SD card space
– Ad-free
– Zoom
– Exposure adjustment
– Optional continuous flash in burst mode
– Screen brightness adjustment
– Standard camera configuration options available from the options menu: Scene Mode, White Balance, Focus Mode, Single Shot Flash mode, ISO, Color Effects
– Saves photos automatically in portrait or landscape
– Front/back camera

– Single shot mode, optionally using your camera’s maximum resolution (supported on most phones)
– Adjustable delay between shots
– Save animated GIFs. Lots of options: GIF resolution, # of colors, color/monochrome/black and white, dithering etc, with preview
– Effects: Tilt shift blur, vignette, lomo style vignette blur, soft focus effect, sharpening filter
– Chroma denoising filter to reduce color noise
– “Select shot” mode (shoot a burst then select which photos to save) and “save all” mode (saves all photos automatically)
– Blend function: blend multiple images together for a simulated long exposure effect, or arrange in a grid montage
– Low light/night mode

How to use GonnyCam in select shot mode:

1. Press and hold down the big red button to take bursts of photos. Take as many bursts as you want before reviewing them.
2. When you are ready, press the folder icon in the corner of the screen to review your photos.

3. Scroll left and right through the reel of photos to select the best shots, then tap the save icon on the right of the screen. Save as many as you want! Photos are saved to your Pictures folder, in the GonnyCam subfolder.
4. Optionally delete the remaining photos to save space on your SD card by tapping the trashcan icon.
5. Press the back button or tap the camera icon to return to the camera and take more photos!


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