Clean Email


Clean Email is the best privacy-oriented email cleaner and organizer that empowers you to unsubscribe from emails and take control of your inbox. It relies on powerful rules and filters to efficiently segment all emails in your mailbox into relevant groups, allowing you to quickly identify useful emails and cleanup your inbox from ones you don’t need in just a few clicks.

Clean Email allows you to:

– Unsubscribe from emails you don’t need.
– Remove, archive, move, label (and more!) groups of emails instead of selecting them one by one.
– Organize all of your emails into easy-to-review bundles to simplify email management.
– Automate any repetitive actions with your emails. Set it and forget it!


Use the Unsubscriber feature to make sure that unwanted newsletters and promotional emails will not show up in your inbox anymore. Check out all your subscriptions in one place and opt out from any of them with a few clicks with Clean Email unsubscribe email app.

*Quick Clean*
Quick Clean combines emails from all over your mailbox into a screen with easy-to-select actions to be applied, so you can clean your Inbox the fastest way.

*Smart Views*
Instead of focusing on individual emails (which is the very reason mailbox cleaning is so time-consuming), Clean Email segments your mailbox using rules and filters. Do any actions with groups of emails using this email cleaner app instead of picking them one-by-one.

*Auto Clean*
Emails matching the rule you set can be automatically removed, archived, moved, or labeled as they arrive in the future. Automate your repetitive tasks to organize your mailbox.

*Block Senders*
Clean Email allows you to block unwanted senders and to make sure that emails selected will never reach your inbox again.

Clean Email works with:

* Gmail and GSuite
* iCloud

* Yahoo mail
* Hotmail, Outlook, Office 365
* Fastmail
* GMX Mail
* Any IMAP account
and more!


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