Connected Earth


Planet Earth is connected by many ways. Experience connectedness from a global perspective. Overlay roads, railways, navigable rivers, ship lanes and flight routes to find out how we move through the globe. Blend the internet connection layer to see the submarine cables and how the populated areas of the world interact with each other.
Raise awareness of the amazing planet we live on. Be part of the growing number of global conscious people in the world.

Meet an awesome 3D model of our Solar system to explore space, spacecraft, and planets in real time without visiting planetarium. Solar Walk 2 Free:Encyclopedia of the Solar System is a digital guide of our Solar system and a great alternative to the old paper atlases for learning about space exploration and the universe we live in.

Explore planets and space with encyclopedia of the Solar system ? ? ?

With this interactive planetarium 3D you can travel to the outer space, explore planets in real time, watch satellites, comets and any other celestial body, get acquainted with the outstanding space missions and spectacular 3D models of spacecraft, study celestial event calendar with various astronomical events, learn interesting astronomy facts.

This Solar system app is great for both adults and kids ?

With Solar Walk 2 Free:Encyclopedia of the Solar System you will get a visual representation of our Solar system and space exploration!

Main features:

Planetarium – 3D model of our Solar system

The app is a spectacular 3D model of our Solar system showing planets in real time, stars, moons, satellites, asteroids, comets, dwarf planets and other celestial bodies. All celestial bodies are represented in their correct positions in real time. General and detailed information, inner structure and various astronomy facts are provided in an understandable way.

3D models of spacecraft & Space exploration

Solar Walk 2 Free introduces you to the history of space exploration and the outstanding space missions in the finest details. Only with Solar Walk 2 you will be able to see highly-elaborated, realistic 3D models of spaceships, satellites and interplanetary stations in real action. You will see where they started, track the real trajectory of their flight path, watch gravitational maneuvers, view real pictures made during the mission.


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