Dungeon Ball – Balance Ball

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New Balance Ball game. You will have a lot of fun playing Dungeon Balance Ball.
This game is pushing mobile graphics to the limits. High-end devices are recommended for optimal gameplay for Balance 3D.

Balance your unique journey through the caves and epic places.
You control a ball – a special one. Up to 8 energy sensors are activated on your ball upon collecting magic sources from the chests. Specific magic energies are then required to unlock each locked gate. If you fall, dont worry – you keep all collected energies since the last gate.

As you progress further, you will balance through an obstacles, traps, heights and solve puzzles.

Types of control:

– Touch: Tap virtual buttons multiple times to get slower ball and more precise movement in difficult areas. Hold for the fastest movement.



– Control via G-sensor (Tilt): Before starting a game make sure you hold your device horizontally with a slight forward lean (30 degrees).

This ball game has only 5 levels, but we are working on new ones. Make sure you check again soon for more exciting balance levels to play.


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