Every Timer – WiFi,Bluetooth,Sound,App auto on off

Every Timer – WiFi,Bluetooth,Sound,App auto on off
This app is an alarm timer with App, WiFi, Bluetooth, network, and automatic mode settings.
You can start and stop apps automatically at any time, and of course, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.Commute, study, you can use it to suit your time of sport.

Sleep Timer lets you fall asleep and it will auto turn music off after amount of time or meet battery condition. Beside, you can set to turn off: Wifi, Bluetooth, Screen.
Sleep Timer is totally Free and no Ads. Hope that it is useful with you!Major functions:
• Turn music off
Sleep Timer works with all media players as Youtube, Facebook video, Spotify…
• Turn Wifi & Bluetooth off
Sleep Timer helps to save your phone battery when you don’t neet to use Wifi/Bluetooth
• Turn screen off
Sleep Timer can turn off your screen when the timer runs out or meet battery condition

Permissions Notice
• Internet: for bug reports & get new configuration.
• Wifi / Bluetooth: Allows Sleep Timer to turn off Wifi/Bluetooth.
• FOREGROUND_SERVICE: Allows to start foreground in a service, application needs it to show an notification from service.
• Device Administrator permission: Allows Sleep Timer to turn off screen. You can disable it from the Android settings or Sleep Timer settings at any time.

Note – How to uninstall:
If Device Administrator is active, you need to be deactivated before uninstall. You can de-active as step:
Open Sleep Timer => Settings => Remove device admin => then you can uninstall normally.

Settings => Biometrics & Security => Other security settings => Device admin apps => uncheck Sleep Timer => then you can uninstall normally.


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