Fingerprint Camera shutter

Fingerprint Camera shutter

Are you interested in photography and love to show off your skills on social media platforms? Well, there is always a risk that someone might copy your hard work and upload it to other platforms and gain more popularity! But, don’t worry about getting your work stolen as you can now add a shot on the logo on your photos.

Shot On is an app that gives you ease of adding a beautiful logo or watermark. This app lets you add detailed information to photo like which smartphone you used to capture the picture and can also copyright it by adding your name. With Shot On, you can also prank your friends by adding watermarks like Shot on MI, Shot on OnePlus, Shot on Google Nexus logos and make them wonder if you got a new phone?

How to:
1)      How to add shot on watermark in photos?
Ans. : Open the app, go to stamp settings and modify the settings according to your need. You can choose a logo, phone, shot by, stamp position and size. Then, click on start and select camera to capture a new pic or add watermark to old photos stored in your gallery by selecting Gallery option.

2)      What makes this app better than others?
Ans. : You can easily add watermarks to your app using this app and there are a variety of logos to choose from. The most special thing about the app is that you can select Auto Stamp and all the photos you will capture using your camera would be watermarked automatically. So, you don’t just have to open the app every time.


Easy to use:
Shot On is very easy to use, all you have to do is, modify the settings and start adding shot on watermarks.

Shot On Tags:
Add shot on tags to your photographs easily. Capture a new photo with the camera or add watermark to old pics stored in your gallery.

Auto Stamp:
The auto stamp is designed considering users in mind. If you are in a hurry and want to capture the picture and add shot on the logo on it at the same time than you can do it easily by turning on Auto Stamp. The app will run in the background and every time you capture a pic, we will add shot on a stamp for you.



Customize according to your need! The setting has various options to choose. You can select if you want to keep the original photo or not, select phone brand, model name and shot by text easily. App also allows you to select position and size of shot on a logo.


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