Fly Sky High

Fly Sky High

You are a pilot of a very agile airplane and your task is to fly sky high! Sit comfortable in our seats and admire the views on helix-like vivid environment that is moving constantly.

On your way up you will find obstacles and traps to avoid. Enemy planes are also there – don’t forget to bypass them or use the shield to crush them!

You can collect power-ups on your way to the finish line: fly on speed up ramp to activate light speed mode – now you don’t have to worry about obstacles, you will crash them with your super light speed!

Collect additional stars after crushing the obstacles into pieces. Activating shield will also help you fly safely to the finish line. Try to collect as many stars as possible, the bigger star the more points you will get.

On your way to the sky you will discover different environments with unique sceneries. Use collected stars to unlock new airplanes, aircrafts and helicopters.


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