Focusbot: Mute Notifications, Autoreply, Focus (Early Access)

Focusbot: Mute Notifications, Autoreply, Focus (Early Access)

World is full of interruptions and requests from other people who are begging for your attention. However, you may be unavailable to answer them or are focusing on tasks at hand such as working, studying, or driving.

Based on what you tell us about you, Focusbot will text back to a missed call and text messages. Focusbot will also mute app notifications.

✱ NOTICE: Autoreply function to be removed✱
After March 8th, Focusbot will no longer support the Autoreply function due to the change of Google’s service policy with the use of SMS and call log permission.

Thank you to all the users who used Autoreply and gave us feedback. Though Autoreply is going away, we will continue to experiment with new ways to help minimize interruptions and improve focus.

● Key features
< ? Mute notifications and view them later >
When focus mode is turned on, incoming notifications will be hidden from the notifications bar and stored in Focusbot to be viewable later.

<?Lock mode >
When lock mode is turned on, Focusbot will block apps so you can better focus. You wouldn’t be able to use any app during the time you set.

< ? My focus area >
Focus mode is automatically turned on upon arriving at the location you set and turned off upon leaving.

< ⏱ Focus timer >
Optionally, set a timer for how long you want to stay focused.

● Any of these sound familiar? Try Focusbot today!
? I want to take a break from the continuous buzzing in messenger apps.
? It’s time to study or get ready for an exam. I need to FOCUS!
? When I get to school or work, I want to automatically silence all interruptions.
? My phone is buzzing with notifications from Facebook and Instagram even at work. I need space to get some work done.

● Focusbot asks permission for and uses the following permissions.
– Notifications : This allows us to monitor and mute notifications from across different application.
– External Storage : This allows us to log notifications into storage of your device, so you can view muted notifications later on.

– Contacts : This allows us to check whether a missed call or text message is from one of your contacts. You have the option to autoreply only to your contacts or to all phone numbers.
– Calendar : When you are in the middle of a calendar event, we will autoreply that you are busy in an event.
– Location : This allows us to automatically turn focus mode on or off when user arrives at or leaves a focus area.


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