Folder Music Player – Folder Player, Music Player

Folder Music Player – Folder Player, Music Player

Folder Music Player is a free latest music player, folder player ,cd player , equalizer music player and fast discover local music and arrange in folder.

Music Player has custom background skintheme colourplaylistfavourite listmp3 cutter , recording,ring cutter and easy assign ringtone to phone contact.
The best latest music player , folder player , equalizer music player

▶ Folder Player Features :

✔ Folder Player is Free music player.

✔ Folder Player is 100% Free with advance feature.

✔ Music Sharing allows you to share audio file or songs with friends and families.

✔ Folder Player has mp3 cutterringtone cutter and assign to contact.

✔ This Folder Player is record voice and create mp3 file.
✔ This Music Player support headphone for ex: playpause and next(double click) by headphone buttons.

✔ Folder Player has Powerful equalizerMore than 21+ pre-set audio tone styles for your choice(Normal, Classic, Dance, Folk, Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock…).

✔ Folder Player Supports all formats like mp3 , .aac , wav , ogg , midi , amr , flac.

✔ Music Player has Delete function to allow you to delete unwanted music from your phone.
✔ Folder Player has custom playlistfavourite and album list.

✔ This Folder Player Support Multiple Language and Colour themes.

✔ Folder Player has Sorting option to sort music by TitleArtistAlbumDate Added and Duration of the MP3.

✔ Replaceable background skins for your choice. You also can set your gallery photo as background.



✔ Browse and play your music by albums, artists, songs, playlists, genre, folders, recent play.
✔ Support notification status: play/pauseskip forward in notification status.

▶ Note: Folder Player only supports offline local MP3 playing, does not support online audio or mp3 music downloader feature 🙂

❤ We hope you like Folder Player.


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