Green Glass


so netease released a new adventure game on mobile currently its only available in chinese language

lets talk about game, game provides a beautiful immersive gameplay its all about exploring different places

At start of the game well there are no maps or give direction you have to look around randomly & keep going story will follow here are tons of puzzle & battles you will find on the move

battle system is that of hack & slash type it is unrealistically good like a console game you can use your combo & stuff just like the game named thirteen souls if you have heard its pretty much similar

you can ride boats & horses or move freely as you wish towards the goal, at the starting part you are in a green forest with your wife its like a typical early chinese show about a samurai life, real nice game.


for now game is only available in china & only for ios if you are from outside you can still play by changing your apple id & setting your country to china




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