Hold me closer


A mother’s journey through her own denial of her grief.

An action-platformer, with a story shown in fragments throughout the game. A journey through a mother’s denial of her grief, as she brings home her memories of her child.

You play as Mother whose goal is to bring glowing orbs back home filled with memories from better days. You traverse the everchanging forest where you will meet twisted enemies, gaping cliffs, and giant toys blocking your way. You go through the world by outrunning your enemies, hiding from them, and pushing any one and anything else that stands in your way.

Development team:

Sebastian Sommerstedt Andresen, Lead Programmer
Jakob Baldwin, CG Artist
Kresta Louise Febro Bonita, Project Manager
Marusa Gorjup, Art Director
Nicolai Bach Hansen, Game Programmer
Jakob Elkjær Husted, Game Programmer
Robert Kivac, CG Artist
Jonas Foged Kristensen, Audio Designer
Emil Elias Lohse, Game & Level Designer
Thomas Noes Mikkelsen, Game & Level Designer


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Mózes Adorján Mikó, QA & UR
Jannik Anker Iskov Helsen Neerdal, Game Programmer
Nana Jørly Sørensen, Game Director

Special thanks to our playtesters and DADIU.


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