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The story is set in the monal city after a virus outbreak, which was originally created to make bio weapons, has wiped out most of mankind, leaving some of them as the last human in the monal city, other than undead monsters and zombies. After the deadly outbreak, people live an isolated life in the deserted ruins of the world, unsure if any other uninfected humans are left in the world.

In the last day zombie survival part 1, Ellie escaped the house where she was pawns in a deadly game perpetrated by a masked man. Masked man’s tape tells her to escape from house, or she will be killed by undead monsters and zombies or the whole house will be blasted.
But when Ellie escaped the house and she finds herself alone in a large destroyed city, with one being ordered to survive from infected people or they will die
Ellie is immune to the virus and she tries to safe others while defending herself against the hostile mutants and zombies.
Ellie decides to find the masked man and destroy his deadly game. She met with Adam and Carlos who are also trapped in a large destroyed city.
These immune survivors are on mission to kill the masked man and stop this deadly chaos but first they have to face giant monsters on highways, streets before reach to the masked man

who is the masked man?
The masked man is maniac millionaire who is using this deadly outbreak creatures as a weapon to targets different human who are not infected.
The city has been sealed by the masked man and he is transforming the humans into ravenous zombies and the animals into highly aggressive mutants
Humanity is on its last legs; Ellie is responsible for saving the remaining humans from extinction. She is in zombie apocalypse and she has to kill all raising dead to stay alive.

she has to end this deadly game.
Play this amazing free game and kill every living dead.


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