Metel – Horror Escape

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Metel – Horror Escape is a new scary game where you have to survive a terrible nightmare! Do the impossible-find
exit from the house of a mad maniac who wants to see blood and suffering! Cries for help are useless. Children can’t survive this! Try to overcome your fear and solve complex puzzles to survive and escape.
You have to hide and be smarter. Proceed very carefully, because this is a deadly hide-and-seek. Remember: the killer is nearby! Who is he? Maybe he’s your crazy neighbor!

You were kidnapped by a terrible lunatic! You Wake up in a small room, locked in a metal cage. Outside the window is a cold winter and snow.
Your task: to escape from this cursed place at any cost! To win, you will need
strategy, tactics, ingenuity and cunning. Explore and use items. Look for keys or think of other ways to open locked doors.
Discover exciting secrets and secrets. Do everything possible to avoid becoming another victim of a serial killer. Be very careful, don’t make any noise! Maniac
will come to you to check if everything is in order. If he sees You, he will punish you fiercely and cruelly.
Silence and order are the key to success. Try to be quiet and cover your tracks to remain unnoticed, otherwise death. This is not an evil grandmother! A psychopath will catch You and kill you.
He’s a monster! Nothing will stop him, not even a weapon. This sadist will pursue you until he finds You and drives you into his trap.

Description of levels:
1. Awakening — you Wake up in a small room and you are locked in a metal cage. Your task is to get out and get to the basement. In this location, the maniac will come to you just to check you out. But if he notices that you have climbed out of the cage, he will punish you.
2. Basement — the next location is the basement, where you meet a girl, she is also a victim of a maniac. You lock yourself in the basement with her so that the maniac can’t get to you. Then the maniac opens the gas pipeline, you start to suffocate, find a gas mask and filters for it. Free the victim and escape from this basement before you suffocate.
3. Street — the next location is a shed on the street. Through the sewer you get to the shed where the car is located. Open the barn gate, find the keys and fuel for the car to leave this place. Be careful, there is an evil dog running around on the street and a maniac is constantly looking for you, making rounds on the street.

Ten reasons atmospheric horror movie download for free snowstorm-Escape from home right now :

★ The opportunity to plunge into a real, dark atmosphere of horror, filled with frightening sounds and
mysterious incidents.



★ Realistic beautiful graphics and best voice acting. We recommend playing with headphones!

★ Exciting and interesting gameplay that will keep you in constant suspense.

★ Huge location filled with violent scenes and scary places.


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