Music Visualizer LiveWallpaper

Music Visualizer LiveWallpaper

Make your old home screen alive.
Visualize your music right on your wallpaper (looks great even when no music is playing!).

Main functions:
– Audio visualizer with configurable colors & different themes
– Colorful music visualizer on the live wallpaper
– Displays artist & track names when a music is playing
– Shows clock when no audio is playing
– Bubble particle effects to make the desktop alive
– Different options to tweak various settings
– Optimized to minimize the battery drain & RAM usage
– Fluent OpenGL graphics with smooth transitions

Works great with most of the popular music players (including built-in and downloaded).

projectM is the most advanced music visualizer available on the Android Market. It has the smoothest graphics, the most presets, and is the most responsive to music. It can be used as a Live Wallpaper or standalone app.

projectM will visualize any sound playing on your phone. If there is no audio playing, projectM will visualize your microphone input!

projectM is essentially a rewrite of MilkDrop with modern technologies. It is compatible with MilkDrop (.milk) presets.


– Chromecast Support (NEW!)
– Over 200 visual effects
– 60 FPS Pixel Shaded Rendering
– Multi-Touch Interactive Visuals
– Music Player Control (Stock Player, Google Music & PowerAMP)
– Preset Browser
– Preset Search
– Auto-detects sound from Microphone and Music Players
– Live Wallpaper Mode


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