MusicPiped android

MusicPiped android

Music Piped is a free and open source full-featured Music Player that instead of playing local Music files streams from internet.

Forget dowloading music from internet, forget streaming music from video streaming services.

It’s all in one place now, just search and and play almost all music free.
The app is completely free open source, features no IAP, non intrusive ads. Just download app, search your song, and stream!

Features an inbuilt search to search, an adjustable playing queue, custom playlists and more. No song is stored in device it’s directly streamed from google server hence saving space.

It does not streams video and only fetches audio files thus eliminating heavy data usage of videos,
It’s full featured music player so you can enjoy background playback with notification controls, customisable queue, repeat and shuffle.
It does not track you, there is no tracking system at all, you don’t even need Google APIs to use app.

Watch You tube videos in floating popup video player, to easily have a multitasking window app for YouTube vidoes.



A smart floating popup video player provides multitasking experience: always on top popup player helps you to use your apps while playing non-stop YouTube free music or videos, In addition, you will be able to import your own playlists.

Mark your favorite videos and music, save the playlist. Play videos easily.


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