Notification Manager – Cleaner

Notification Manager – Cleaner

If you are tired of too many notifications coming up at the same time?
If you are mad at your messy notification bar?
If the crowded notifications affecting your productivity?

Notification Manager, A powerful and efficient notification cleaner and manager. you can use it to solve up problems.

Notification, it’s a very important feature with Android system, every app can send notification to inform the user, some important event happens.
For example, your friends send you a sms, or a facebook request send it to you, or a whatsapp message, But some app misuse this important feature, they send notification contains ads. or it just want you to open the app and do nothing.
You can uninstall the app, but if the app is useful for you. you can use Notification Manager to manage the notifications.


★ Efficient Notification Manager
Many apps send spam notificaiton, Some notification may be contains ads, or it just make your notification bar messy,
Notification Manager can block the spam notification, and clean up them with just one click.

★ Simplicity, Without ads.
The size of Notification Manager is very small, you can download it quickly. and it has no ads. It’s very easy to use.
But it’s powerful and useful.



★ Design for better.
Because of the small size. it occupy less memory of your phone. so you can install more apps. and the just work when new notification comes. so it will not drain your battery.


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