OnLix whats online last seen


How much time do you spend on social media? The usege of the applications is ready with the times and instant reports WaRadar. All the details of the curiosity setting are reported for you and the notification is discarded.

Report your activity times and instant actions. Analyze online deadlines that online and offline tracker and whatsapp online. When is the last seen? Detect how many minutes.

Whatsapp online and whatsapp tracker for notification. Online usage durations for enjoy this app. whatsapp sticker usage report

W Online Log and Notifier helps you keep track of WhatsApp online usage.

– Keep track of your own online time
– Keep track of your children online time to make sure they are not addicted to WhatsApp
– Keep track of your workers to make sure they are doing work and not playing WhatsApp all day



– Monitor multiple numbers
– Works even without “Last seen” on WhatsApp
– Receive notifications when number comes online

Digital additiction is a rising and serious problem and is thought to be linked to social anxiety, depression and poor social skills. Prevent addiction to WhatsApp by monitoring WhatsApp usage and online time and encourage more face-to-face conversations.


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