Path to Mnemosyne

Path to Mnemosyne

Path to Mnemosyne — an adventure game that will send you to an unusual universe, so you can solve all its puzzles. Everything in the world you enter will be based on hypnosis, so you will not fall into the trap

. The world will constantly come closer to you, but you must not fall for its tricks. Go to an interesting, but very dangerous way, where you will face obstacles and challenges, fight with your own mind. Explore carefully

the entire territory of the mind, reveal the secrets that it hides in itself, and do not forget to restore the necessary memories, the strength to achieve a positive result. Ingenuity should be shown in your first place,

and do not forget about logical thinking, as you can only pass the game by solving all the puzzles and puzzles. The game has a well-drawn graphic component,as well as a dynamic gameplay.



All fans of the genre will be pleased with the fascinating storyline with unexpected turns of events. There is a special, unique atmosphere that will allow you

to join it and become a part of it. This world will constantly play with your feelings, but you must keep yourself in hand to pass the test.


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