Phone Electricity Live Wallpaper

Phone Electricity Live Wallpaper

Phone Electricity Live Wallpaper Free
Phone Electricity Live Wallpaper is Simple BEAUTIFUL, LIGHTWEIGHT. A live wallpaper that displays a moving electrical plasma effect in the background of your home screen.
In this app, we find a beautiful live wallpaper created to show the beauty of the internals of the Phone XS. Includes a variety of settings for the color that you can make the beautiful and shinning live wallpaper for your phone.
This stunning glowing live wallpaper is a must download!

NEOLINE is a 3D LiveWallpaper. See the complex world inside the CPU 🙂 Fast data traffic. Complex connections. Or think about neuron connections 🙂 imagination is unlimited!

The wallpaper saves the battery, it’s enough that you choose a black background.
It looks great on OLED displays, but not only. Works on phones and tablets.

120+ shaders themes to choose from
– Customizable detail level
– Change the speed of animations
– 20 different pixel shaping effects to apply
– Each shader theme has options specific to it and the elements used within. Allowing you to change how it operates and give that extra unique touch.
– Save your settings as presets and share them with friends and the community.
– Pick presets to put in a playlist so you’re live wallpapers change over time
– And more!

All live wallpapers can also be configured for ScreenSaver as well.

Battery Tips:
Lower the detail (pixel size)
Lower time scale (speed)
Choose a shader that has more black for AMOLED screens to conserve power

Don’t be afraid to turn detail all the way down! Unique effects can be achieved with a low detail level. Square garden and high bacteria at the lowest detail are pretty neat!

View our website for battery usage information, help with the options available, or to browse presets to load onto your phone.



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