Price Drop: Price Tracker for Amazon Flipkart


Price Drop is a price tracker for Amazon and Flipkart. It helps you get the best discount on your wishlist items with the help of intelligent price drop alert. Easily add your wishlist from Amazon and Flipkart in your price tracking list and set an alert price. Alert price can be set either in percentage discount on MRP or by providing a price on which you want to buy. Price Drop will start the price tracking immediately and will provide price drop alert as soo

n as the price reaches near or below the alert price. Price drop captures price history/price trend and lowest price of the product since tracking so that you can understand the price trend and make adjustments to your alert price based on requirement.

For example let’s consider you want to track price changes for Amazon Echo. Tap on the Amazon site from the price drop menu. Search for Amazon Echo using Amazon product search. Select the variant of Amazon Echo you are interested in. From the product deta

il page click on the add notification button and set an alert price. That’s it. Price Drop will show you notification once the price of Amazon Echo drops near or below alert price.

Price Drop provides following price tracking features –
◆ Single wishlist for both Amazon and Flipkart
◆ Easy wishlist addition from multiple source: Using in app browser, Sharing form Amazon, Flipkart app and Browser.
◆ Intelligent price drop alert
◆ Price History/Trend
◆ Tracking lowest price

◆ Enable/Disable notification for a specific item.
◆ Social sharing of wishlist items with friends.


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