SayCheese – Remote Camera (Early Access)

SayCheese – Remote Camera (Early Access)

Take awesome group selfies using 2 phones! Say hello to SayCheese!

You probably know the situations when you go out for a trip with friends, eat dinner with your family or just want to take a group picture and can’t find anyone to help you taking the pictures.

Maybe you can take the picture by yourself, but you won’t be in it.
Maybe you can put a timer, but you won’t know how the image will turn out.
Maybe you can take a selfie, but that’s too close, and you won’t be able to see everyone.

SayCheese – Remote Camera is an application for just those situations!

SayCheese helps you control your friend’s camera remotely.
By using two phones – one serves as a remote shutter and the other serves as the remote camera SayCheese enables you to capture images and videos by controlling the remote phone as a camera from your phone.

You don’t have to be connected to the internet when using SayCheeze, it enables you to see what the remote camera sees in offline way by our magic!

SayCheese may be used when:
– A trip or a trek abroad
– Family / friends group pictures in any place
– Selfie
– Remote picture control
– Live stream from a remote place
– Security camera / IP camera
– Remote Control
– Many more…

Major features
– Live & fast preview screen
– Focus
– Remote camera control
– Take remote videos & pictures
– Pictures are being saved in both remote shutter and camera in full quality!
– Set delay timer
– Selfie and flash modes
– Live sync between devices
– Material design
– Flash mode
– No internet connection is needed
– Pictures can be taken remotely with over 200m distance!
– All android versions are supported

And more soon!

If you have some suggestions or ideas for how to improve SayCheeze (SayCheese) – Remote Camera application tell us!

The app gives you focus and shutter trigger control remotely over a local WiFi network, you can know when the photo has been taken remotely by the camera with a sound and a animation in both phones.



Say Cheese also can served as a replacement for Bluetooth remote camera and be used as camera remote control!

Say Cheese also can help for remote control on old phone on a baby bed or remote control as security camera.


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