Skyscrapers AR

Skyscrapers AR

are you ready to supplement your lessons with something incredible and exciting?
Skyscrapers AR is a new form of augmented reality application that offers users to stay close to the famous skyscrapers of the world, walk around the building and view it in details from all sides, figuring out the features of the architectural creation.

You should point the camera on a printed key image and it will come to life on your tablet or phone with this app. This application will create an augmented reality and take you to the incredible world of modern skyscrapers. Modern lessons with augmented reality are fun, creative and exciting. Do you want to create a 3D museum of modern unique skyscrapers or to build a skyscraper from the materials by hands? This app will give you

r lesson the modernity, interest and surprise. 3D models of buildings will encourage students to generate ideas for building and create their own masterpiece.

When using the application, you do not need an Internet connection.

How does it work?



download AR photo

1. Download the application to your phone/tablet.

2. Print key images located at

3. Start the application on the phone, point the camera at the image, and you see 3D models of skyscrapers.

The application is absolutely free.


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