Smash: File transfer

Smash: File transfer

Hello, we are Smash.

We propose you to send easily, safely and freely your photos, videos, musics and documents from your mobile or your tablet.

In any situation, whether you are at the office, on a building site, on holiday with friends, amid an emergency or in total peace of mind, Smash is always there.
Send your files, it’s in your pocket.

Thousands of users have succumbed to the temptation to send their files easily with Smash.
Just send files, without any worries!
At Smash, we love you, all. Of course, we also love your files, as they are. The important is to love… hum, to send!

Oh yeah, did we mention we are French?

How does it work?

• Tap (cautiously) your screen to select the files you’d like to share
• Once your files are selected, start the transfer on our servers
• At the end of the transfer, a link is generated. Then share it via one of your favorite applications: mail, SMS, social networks …


• No registration
• No file size limits
• No compression of your files
• Files available for 7 days
• Files stored in France (soon close to you: e.g. in US for Americans, in UK for English…)
• Data encrypted in transit and at rest
• Without advertising guaranteed service
• All made by 100% certifies French brains

You were waiting for it, we did it! It’s just you and your files.

The media are talking about Smash:
CreativeBlog, Gizmodo, The Next Web, Fstoppers, TechRadar…

You’ll be in good company.



Thousands of companies (Universal Music, Disney, NASA, Starbucks, BBC, Warner Bros…), professionals and individuals already transfer their files easily and securely thanks to Smash.

Download Smash and make your life easier. We hope you’ll enjoy it!


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