Star Diffusion v1.0.3 Mod (Unlimited money) Apk

Star Diffusion v1.0.3 Mod (Unlimited money) Apk

Star Diffusion is a top-down shooter in a futuristic environment and with classic, action-oriented functions. Players in the role of a galactic patrol worker return to their home planet and discover that the colony has not been changed for the better. The inhabitants have disappeared, the destruction is omnipresent, and dangerous and extremely countless monsters are climbing out of every crack. It is not only necessary to survive and understand what is happening, but also to find your daughter who was waiting for him here. Skirmishes, area exploration, solving various puzzles, and many other things will not let you get bored while passing this game

Features :
* Explore the infected planet, find the missing daughter, and learn the truth about the planet’s destruction.
* Gently move forward in the dark area. Beware of the attack of the infected creatures from the dark.



* Music by Weifan Chang, the Taiwanese musician. Immerse yourself in the festival of sounds and music.
* Solve the puzzles with your wisdom and intuition. Experience the classic design of the horror game.


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