StatUp | WhatsApp Status Saver |Video Auto Trimmer android

StatUp | WhatsApp Status Saver |Video Auto Trimmer android

StatUp is a creative interface that allows you to share photos, videos in WhatsApp more conveniently. This makes sharing status updates from your contacts without disturbing them.

Ever think about uploading your favourite audios in stories, StatUp enables you to upload audios with attractive backgrounds. Uploading long videos is not a big deal with statUp, 30sec limit won’t cut short your videos anymore. Save those striking stories of others.

1. Simple and Easy UI
2. Too small app size
3. Single button share
4. Audio upload
5. Video auto trimmer and upload
6. Gallery like view of status updates
7. Status saving

* Save Status
* Save status
* Save multiple images and status
* Re-upload images or videos



* Now you can select multiple images or videos. You can share them, delete them, or save them.⭐️
* Swipe down to update the list of images or videos


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