Status Bar & Notch Custom Color and Background

Status Bar & Notch Custom Color and Background

Status Bar Info allows to display the current information about the system resources directly in the status bar. You can easily track up such system resources as:

– Download/Upload Network speed per second (Kbit/Mbit, KB/MB, Mbit or MB)
– CPU load (in %) and CPU temperature
– Free and used RAM (in MB/GB or in %)
– Free phone memory (in GB)
– Free memory on SD card (in GB)
– Temperature and battery voltage
– Battery charge


– in addition to system resources you can display the current day and month in status bar.

– detailed info about more than 150 processor models: Type, Year, Memory Interface, Frequency, Cache Info, Feature Size, GPU and many other parameters.

– tracking the information about processor, battery, RAM etc. without leaving current application.

– changing of the update interval. The information can be updated every 1, 3 or 5 seconds.

– easy and quick. The application includes a convenient menu curtain to select the system resources.


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