STREETS OF FIRE. Real Gangster Wars (Early Access)

STREETS OF FIRE. Real Gangster Wars (Early Access)
Do you like cool gangster games?
Download and get the best!

This is the open-world shooter game with different game modes. In the game you will find many fights with the police and gangsters, thefts and chases, and much more. A huge open world is waiting for you! Arrange your own car races and get away from the chase. The police and gangsters will follow you, but you can win. Become the head of the mafia!

*** The game has many features ***
🌇Large city with gangsters, cops and special soldiers.
😎Exciting car thief simulator.
🚙Destroyable cars.
🔫Best weapon arsenal – Minigun, Grenade Launcher, RPG, Chainsaw, АК-47, М-16, Flamethrower, Katana.
🚅Tank and helicopter.
💣Killing, stealing and destroying actions.

Install to get FREE a world of thieves and police.
Exciting adventures await you!

Use all your abilities to create your own mafia clan. The cops and gangsters will attack you. It will be a difficult battle. You will need to interact with passing people, complete missions and solve complex tasks. Steal cars, upgrade your arsenal of weapons and vehicles. Fight and win!

Attention! The game is not a clone of GTA V or GTA San Andreas. The game has its own unique storyline. Many mechanics and actions are proprietary that are not found in other games of this style.



The game was developed over 2 years by a team of people who are eager to create a new interesting game that will give you real pleasure.

The game allows you to use cheats. Insert special cheats to get an advantage. Cheats allow you to do many, many things.


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