The Longest Night Lite:House of Killer

The Longest Night Lite:House of Killer

You wake up in a small scary room. The only thing you remember is that someone injected a needle into your neck from behind.
It hurts a lot, but you get up. You have no idea where you are and what you are doing in the middle of this horrible ruin.

You keep searching and you find a lot of clues to the horrific murders, and at this point, you realize a great danger threatens you.
You want to escape this scary place in any way you can And at that moment you hear someone’s footsteps, he is coming to add you to the group of victims.

Be smart and save yourself, find something to protect yourself because it won’t let you escape easily.
Search all over the place and solve puzzles to find a way out. You may see a lot of horrible and frustrating things along the way, but don’t give up and go to the end.

•••••Main Features•••••

•Fully interactive environment and elements

•Optimized controls and VFX

•Professional voice acting

•Engaging Story



•Stunning Graphics

•Fully Detailed Environment

•Realistic sound effects.


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