Ultimate Disc

Ultimate Disc

DoodleSpell builds the spelling confidence and ability of your 5-11 year old with a work program tailored to their individual level, strengths and weaknesses. Using Proxima™, the same award-winning technology that powers DoodleMath and DoodleEnglish, DoodleSpell analyses and intelligently designs a unique learning program for each child.

▶ Key features

✓ A carefully personalized and highly motivating spelling program
✓ Thoroughly researched by educational professionals
✓ Great range of innovative question styles that support all types of learners
✓ Covers phonics sounds and vocabulary building
✓ Children are rewarded for their effort rather than ability; they feel a sense of accomplishment for their hard work
✓ Easily add your child’s weekly spelling list into the app
✓ Accessibility options such as colored overlays and audio dictation for all questions
✓ Designed to be used for just ten minutes a day
✓ Work from anywhere with offline capabilities

Move beyond “Look, Cover, Write, Check” and help your child feel confident in their spelling by joining tens of thousands of families using Doodle!

▶ For children

• A personalized, engaging spelling work program they’ll want to do every day
• A perfect homework partner for catching-up or getting ahead in spelling
• A fun spelling journey where children earn DoodleStars to buy potions for their wizard

▶ For parents

• A low-cost, high-impact alternative to English tuition
• Track and monitor progress through the free DoodleConnect app or online tracking hub
• Receive regular and insightful email updates on your child’s progress

▶ For teachers

• Track effort and impact across the whole school and individual classes
• Easily track progress and identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge
• Reduce your workload with instant feedback and analysis of pupils’ work, readily available to export

▶ Included in your subscription



All DoodleSpell app downloads also include access to the following:

• DoodleEnglish, our accompanying app which supports mastery of punctuation, grammar, spelling and comprehension
• DoodleConnect, our parent app where you can track progress, get instant updates and set motivational goals
•The Parent Dashboard, our online hub for discovering your child’s strengths and weaknesses


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